A Guide to Sex Toys for Him

A Guide to Sex Toys for Him

When it comes to sex toys, it looks like the fairer sex has it all figured out. From sleek and elegant playthings to high-tech toys, women seem to have endless options. But are guys really just stuck with that one (two if you’re ambidextrous? (ambidextrous readers please confirm)) hand for sexual self-pleasuring?

While later to the game than the ladies, there are actually some interesting options for men who are looking to take things up a notch.

Penis Ring

Slip on the penisring after your erection and it traps your blood where you want it to be. The penis ring increases the firmness of your penis, keeps you going for longer which in turn leads to a more intense orgasm.


Probably the most famous masturbator out there is the Fleshlight. However, there is a wide variety of masturbators out in the market with designs that barely look alike. On the realistic end, there are masturbators sculpted like a vagina and on the other end, there are abstract and discrete sleeves with a stimulating inner lining. For men who really want to get hands-off, there are even high-tech masturbators that stroke and vibrate without any help.

Penis Pumps

A more elaborate cousin of the penis ring, the penis pump’s goal is to enlarge your penis giving you an erection that lasts longer. It’s basically an airtight cylinder that sucks out the air around your penis to increase blood flow.

Sex Dolls

Probably the most notorious, yet least likely purchased sex toy of them all – the sex doll. The sex doll is not a common choice of sex toy because it is life-sized (read: the opposite of discreet). However, it is undeniably an option that’s out there for men. These dolls come in all shapes and sizes, from anime-inspired body proportions to the more realistic end of the spectrum. On the low end, you have the blow-up doll, often bought as a gag or novelty gift. Then on the other end, you have silicone dolls, created with insane levels of detail and realism. Some sex doll shops even offer customization options so your silicone dream girl is one email away.

Although not as common or varied as women’s sex toys, if you are looking for sensations beyond what your hand can offer, there are indeed other alternatives out there for you to gear things up in the bedroom.