How-To: Place a 4D Bet

How-To: Place a 4D Bet

*How To Adult does not condone or endorse any acts of gambling.*

When you didn’t know the answer during school examinations, shading on the OA Sheet gives you a one in four chance of getting it right. After graduation, probably the only other time you’ll find yourself shading numbers on a sheet will be If you find yourself in a Singapore Pools or a betting station. Instead of the 4 options on the OA sheet, the 4D bet slip allows you to bet on any permutation from 0000 – 9999, from as low as $1.

Here’s what you need to know to make a bet:

Step 1: Select a bet type

Leave it Empty: You are making an ordinary bet – where you are simply betting on the numbers you’ll be selecting.

System Entry: You are placing a bet on all possible permutations for a 4 digit number. There are 24 combinations in 4 unique numbers (e.g. 1234), 12 combinations in 3 unique numbers (e.g. 1223), and 4 combinations in 2 unique numbers (e.g. 1222). Do note that your bet amount will be multiplied by the number of combinations possible.

‘iBet’: You are essentially buying all the permutations like the ‘System Entry’ except that you are still paying the same price as an ordinary bet. Increased odds at a low cost sounds great, however, with reduced risk, your winnings are largely reduced as well.

Step 2: Mark the draw days

Draws happen every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Indicate the day(s) you would like to place your bet for.

Step 3: Mark the digits for bet and the bet amount

Select the 4 digits and indicate how much you are betting.

Big bet: You have a shot of winning any of the 23 prizes in the draw.

Prize Number of 4-digit Prize Winning Numbers Prize Amount (for every $1 stake)
1st Prize one number $2,000
2nd Prize one number $1,000
3rd Prize one number $490
Starter Prizes ten numbers $250
Consolation Prizes ten numbers $60

Small bet: You can only win if your 4D numbers are 1st to 3rd Prize numbers. However, the prize money per $1 stake is significantly higher than a Big bet.

Prize Number of 4-digit Winning Numbers Prize Amount (for every $1 stake)
1st Prize one number $3,000
2nd Prize one number $2,000
3rd Prize one number $800

Select QP (stands for Quick Pick) if you want the system to randomly generate the betting numbers for you.

Select VOID if you wish to cancel the board, continue your entry with the next board.

Step 4: Bring it to the counter for payment and receive ticket

Your ticket should look something like this. Now hold on to your ticket and may the odds ever be in your favour.

*Don’t be alarmed if you see ‘S’OUT’ in your ticket. There are sales quota for every number, “S’OUT” simply means that the quota has been met.