Adulthood One How-To at a Time

Adulthood doesn’t come with a manual. And even if it did, it’d be harder than assembling an IKEA BRIMNES storage bed, probably.

The closest thing we have to an adulthood manual is the internet. The same internet that’s serving you 20 articles on 10 things you NEED to do this weekend. But if that’s the best we have, it’s no wonder we are lost.

That’s why we are tackling adulthood with a no fluff, no bull approach by building a content library to help you (and us) make sense of the craziness that is adulthood.

No topic is too big or small to tackle – from touchy subjects like sex to mundane must-dos like taxes, we are taking it all on. So if there’s anything about adulthood you’ve ever been curious about, holler at us on our Facebook Page and we’ll do the homework for you.

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