Technical Skills that Will Give You an Edge

Technical Skills that Will Give You an Edge

The term ‘IT’ brings about many emotions. It could be ‘happy’, to embrace efficiency in the workplace. It could be ‘scared’, and not just because of the clowns from that movie, but because of evil robots in the future. Regardless, here are several skills that you should develop, so that you can defeat the evil robots too!


Nowadays, everyone wants to learn (or has already learnt) the basics of coding – and as they should. Employers are now looking for candidates who’d be able to do the basics of coding, or at least understand the principles of it.

Big Data Management and Analytics

This refers to the ability to organise, make sense of and use a massive amount of collected data through various means. It is a sought-after skill because it could potentially help a huge amount of people, by converting the data into useful information.

Data Visualisation

With big data, comes data visualisation – where you’re able to make sense of the data and transform them into visuals. It is not just plonking numbers into charts and flashing them on Powerpoint. It is exploring new ways to simplify and communicate information and trends from the data collected.

User Experience (UX)

Understanding UX goes beyond knowing users needs and other attributes. It is knowing how to incorporate design to improve customer journey with a brand. There are many factors that come into play, and doing the proper research will definitely help. It would also help to keep up with the latest trends in the market – like gamification!

Needs Analytics

In order to thrive in a fast-paced world, consumer needs must always be met, no matter how incredulous. Employers look for recruits with the ability to understand and interpret the needs of consumers. In addition, analysing the needs of the company’s employees is also important in order to have a stronger and more reliable team.

Just because ‘IT’ is the term, doesn’t mean that non-IT students can’t possess this skill set. Develop these skills and it might just take you somewhere you’ve never even dreamed of.

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