Immediate Steps in the Event of a Fire

Immediate Steps in the Event of a Fire

In the event of a fire

The first thing to remember is to not panic.

  • Alert others of the fire by shouting.
  • Evacuate the room/area and try to get everyone out of the premises without endangering yourself.
  • Close the door of the affected room to contain the fire, if possible.
  • Dial 995 for the SCDF.
  • Turn off gas mains, if you can reach them.
  • Activate the fire alarm at the nearest manual call point.
  • Evaluate the building in an orderly manner via the stairs – do not use the lift.
  • Do not return to the building until the authorities announce that it is safe to do so.

If a fire breaks out in a super high-rise residential building of more than 40 storeys, you should proceed to the nearest refuge floor.

What is a refuge floor?

It is a special floor that serves as a safe holding area so that residents do not have to travel many floors down to leave the building in case of a fire. This floor includes natural ventilation, is made of fire-resistant materials and is usually provided at an interval of not more than 20 storeys.

The refuge floor can be identified by the sign ‘Fire Emergency Holding Area’ displayed on the wall immediately outside and inside the staircase at the refuge floor.

If you are trapped in a fire

The first thing to remember is to not panic.

  1. Enter a safe room – with open windows, good ventilation and overlooking a road
  2. Shut the door behind you and seal the gap beneath the door with a blanket, rug or other fabrics to stop the smoke from entering the room.

  1. Go to the window, shout for help to alert others of the fire and dial 995 for the SCDF, if possible.
  2. Do not attempt to jump out of the building.

If you are in trapped in a smoke-logged room

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth and avoid inhaling through the mouth.
  2. Get down to the ground and crawl towards the point of escape under the smoke.

If your clothes catch fire

  1. STOP running and remain calm. 
  2. DROP to the floor immediately. 
  3. ROLL over from side to side while covering your face with your hands to smother the flames. 

Source: SCDF Emergency Handbook
The SCDF’s Emergency Handbook contains a wealth of life-saving information that will come in handy during critical situations where Google can’t.