How-To: Shuck Oysters

How-To: Shuck Oysters

Most Singaporeans have been exposed to oysters via the oyster omelette at the hawker centre. However, it should be known that oysters are not for everyone. Those who enjoy oysters, they enjoy it for its delicate, toothy texture, rich flavour, and salty liquor (the natural juice inside the oyster that keeps it alive once itโ€™s out of the water).

But how can you tell if youโ€™ve been served a good oyster if they are all so ugly?

First of all, a good oyster should have a lot of liquor in it. Next, the fish should be opaque. If itโ€™s too clear, that means it didnโ€™t get enough food when it was growing. Oysters come in a variety of sizes but what is important is that the oyster should look full in the shell and not be too thin or taste too salty. And of course, a bad oyster will smell bad.

The other useful tip to know when eating oysters, especially at home, is how to shuck an oyster. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step one: Wrap a tea towel around the oyster and use it to hold the oyster firmly.

Step two: Using an oyster shucking knife in the other hand, place the knife into the hinge. Looking at the oyster, you should see that it starts at a point and then flares outward into its shell shape. The hinge is located at that original point.

Step three: Wiggle the knife around until you feel it slip inside the shell.

Step four: Give the knife a twist and you should feel the hinge pop.

Step five: Slide the knife under the top shell, cut through the muscles holding it to the shell. Try not to spill too much of the liquid inside the shell because that’s the tasty liquor!

Step six: Depending on your taste buds, squeeze a little bit of lemon and, enjoy!

Here’s a video that you could also refer to:

Source: Dish The Fish