How-To: Half a Lobster Tail

How-To: Half a Lobster Tail

Lobster comes in all shapes and sizes, can be cooked in a hundred-and-one different ways, and enjoyed by all. Lobster might be intimidating due to its bulkiness, but it’s a lot easier to deal with than you might think!

Step One: Bend the lobster tail and ensure that it is fully thawed. Make sure there’s no ‘cracking’ sound. If there is, you should allow it to thaw completely before moving on to the next steps.

Step Two: Place a knife in the middle of the lobster tail.

Step Three: Apply force and cut through the lobster tail. Drag the knife repeatedly across the shell until it is separated, but be careful to not cut into the meat.

Step Four: Use your hands for this next part, and slide a finger between the tail and the meat. This helps to dislodge the cartilage that connects the tail.

Step Five: Once the meat is separated, use it however you like!

Now it’s your time to create some glorious lobster dishes that will guarantee to blow the socks off anyone during gatherings!

Source: Dish The Fish
Photos: WikiHow, BHG, Savoury Sweet Life , Thriftyfoods, Bed Bath & Beyond