Guide to Online Job Applications

Guide to Online Job Applications

Online applications take more than just the simple ‘copy + paste’. It is time intensive, and should definitely take more than 2 minutes. Although tedious, online applications are a great way to promote yourself to potential employers.

Every employer will have a customized online application form. These application forms vary depending on company and ranges between a basic platform to upload your resume and cover letter, to questions regarding your skills and motivations. These application forms will usually end off with a box inviting you to provide further information about yourself.

No matter the type of application form, here’s the beginner’s guide to online applications!

Let Your Work Do the Talking
Remember to always support your statements with examples or details. It isn’t enough for you to tell them you’ve gained knowledge during your internship – tell them exactly how you’ve gained it and use specific examples to further substantiate your point. Talk about aspects of the job that appeal to you, or any of the related work experience you’ve done.

Get Straight to The Point

Application forms test your ability to communicate effectively. An easy way to gauge the amount of details needed, is by checking the suggested word count. Another way for you to keep your answers concise, is through the STAR technique. Using the STAR technique, you should be able to describe:

  1. The Situation (when you had to use the skill)
  2. The Tasks involved
  3. The Actions you took, and finally
  4. The Results

Keeping in mind the length of your application, you should also list attributes that would enhance it. This includes positions of responsibility you’ve held in the past. Organise the information using sub-headings and bullet points, and you’re good to go! It might even score you bonus points.

Never Just ‘Copy & Paste’
Do not copy over an answer that you’ve used in a different form, no matter how similar the questions may be. There could be times where you’ll be completely off the mark, or worse – leaving references of previous companies you’ve applied to. Most importantly, never lift wholesale from the company’s website (no matter how hard you try to impress them) because they will know.

Make It A Triple Check

It’s the little things that count, and many applications often get rejected because of the lack of precision and attention to detail. To be safe, craft your responses in a separate document in order to ensure accuracy. Before submitting your application, remember to check for grammar or spelling mistakes and that all fields are answered properly.

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